7.5Kg Galvanised Treadle Feeder

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  • Suits chickens, turkeys, game
  • Metal contruction
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This galvanised treadle feeder has a capacity of 10Ltr, which equates to approximately 7.5kg of food.

Its unique design keeps the poultry feed completely sealed until the weight of a hen is applied. Once the bird stands on the feeder, the feeder opens allowing the bird to feed. When the bird steps off the feeder, the lid closes again, protecting the food from rats and mice. This fantastic feature will save lots of money in stolen or wasted food!

Note - 1 large hen can feed from this treadle feeder at one time.

Note - The treadle shutter will open when the weight of the bird is in excess of 800 grams upwards.

DimensionsH.40cm x W.22.5cm x D.23cm
Country of originHolland
Fill typeTop fill
SuitabilityVermin Proof
Warranty28 day returns
Capacity6-15 kilogram feeders
  1. Galvanised treadle feeder Review by sonia palin

    Excellent product, superb service and very helpful.. Good product and the price is certainly very good ! To be recommended.

  2. Quick service Review by Claire

    Placed my order, blinked and here it was! Nice clear instructions on Youtube. Very easy to set up. I may regret not getting the larger size but as we only have three chickens they'll just have to be patient and take it in turns! Thanks again

  3. Good service Review by Suzanne

    Great service, very fast and am pleased with the product.

  4. Recommended Review by Mike

    Very quick delivery and a good quality product

  5. Galvanised Treadle Feeder Review by Sandra

    Very sturdy product, which should weather well in all conditions. A bit cumbersome to move around, especially when full. The chickens only took a couple of days to work it out, the rats haven't managed to yet! The only slight problem is that it makes a metallic clunking sound when it closes, which seems very loud in the stillness of our garden at 7am in the morning, especially with three hungry chickens dipping in and out of it all the time. The neighbours haven't complained yet.

  6. Very quick service Review by Chrissie

    This arrived within 2 days of ordering, very efficient. The product is sturdy and I'm sure will do the job although our chickens are still wary and learning that it will not kill them if they try to eat the pellets.

  7. 7.5 kg treadle feeder Review by Derek ashton

    Well made quick delivery

  8. Galvanised feeder Review by Mark

    Nice piece of kit. Instructions a bit iffy.

  9. 7.5kg Galvanised Treadle Feeder Review by Niki Kent

    Very well made product, has taken a few days for the chickens to eat from the feeder, the loud bang as they got of the plate scared them but they soon got over it. Have purchased this product due to having a rat problem which is now diminishing. Excellent fast delivery

  10. 7.5Kg Galvanised Treadle Feeder Review by Alan Miles

    Excellent product and excellent service Highly recommended

  11. 7.5Kg Galvanised Treadle Feeder Review by Mrs Jane Doriano

    Just great - I was surprised just how quickly the hens knew what to do to get the food -- no waste with the layer pellets now - and re phone call great help from Mike in explaining my question. also fantastic video showing how to assemble the feeder. You should have no hesitation shopping here first class service and items well packed too.

  12. 7.5Kg Galvanised Treadle Feeder Review by Julia

    Really sturdy, although perhaps my ex battery hens aren't all that clever as I still have a stone on it a week later as they haven't worked it out yet....

  13. 7.5Kg Galvanised Treadle Feeder Review by Hugh

    Good solid product. Good delivery.

  14. Works well Review by Theo Sanders

    Had to check the you tube video to assemble the feeder, but it works very well. Took the chickens a few days to get used to it but they are now very happy.

  15. 7.5Kg Galvanised Treadle Feeder Review by Ashley Hipson

    prompt delivery, well made, instructions a bit vague but online video helped. chickens a bit wary at first but are starting to get used to it. helped to cure rat problem.

  16. Excellent Review by Mrs C A Girling

    Excellent product. Keeps food dry. Chickens are too scared by the noise it makes to stand on the treadle unless I block it open but I expect they will get used to it eventually.

  17. 7.5Kg treadle feeder Review by Tom Lloyd

    Good quality/ delivery but sharp edges when carrying and not quite square lid are irritating. Our hens still wary - one brave one now pulls loads of food out onto the treadle for the others to eat, so wild birds still a problem although rats sem to have gone.

  18. Excellent Product Review by Jos Forester-Melville

    Excellent product that arrived in good time and great communication from seller.

  19. Treadle feeder Review by Rebecca

    Really good service, prompt delivery, good solid product just a bit tricky to put together although youtube helped with that. Chickens dont like the clanging noise when it opens and shuts but there getting used to it.

  20. Chickens scared of it ! Review by Shelley Squance

    It was delivered quickly and it is very well made - the product itself is good. But our chickens wont go anywhere near the step to release the food. Terrified of it !!!!

  21. Treadle feeder Review by Mike Steel

    Delivered very quickly, easily installed and the chickens got the hang of it straight away. First class product and should keep any rats at bay!

  22. Treadle Feeder Review by Jon

    fast delivery. Easy to make. Happy fat chickens !

  23. stopped the rats! Review by wendy

    Great item, this has cut my food costs, I am no longer feeding all the local rats!

  24. Excellent Product Review by Tracy

    Excellent product, does exactly what it says it will. Our chickens got the hang of it in a couple of days, thanks to the advice of staff. Worth every penny.

  25. Good Product Review by Helen Ellis

    Good product; easy to set up and now our chickens have access to food all day

  26. good feeder, quick service Review by Dan Mac

    Easy to put together. Chooks are getting the hang of it after a day. Would recommend if you have vermin problem.

  27. Works well for ducks too !! Review by Meg

    Excellent product, arrived within 24hrs of ordering! I used the u tube video to help me put it together (actually very simple) and my ducks got the hang of it very quickly. ....much smarter than hens I think ð

  28. Feeder fear Review by Lesley

    Fantastic service item received next day. Chickens not to sure about having to make the effort to get their food but rodent activity much. Improved. Will definitely use the company again. ð

  29. Great Treadle Feeder Review by Michelle

    Very happy with order and delivery was extremely quick. Easy to assemble and the chickens got the hang of using it very quickly too.

  30. Treadle feeder Review by Les

    Super product, excellent service,delivered the day after ordering. New rescue hens got the hang of it before my older ladies but thankfully the rodent population are not so smart.

  31. Good product Review by Rhoda

    Very happy with product. Girls took a while to get the hang of it but that is only to be expected. Excellent service - arrived next day

  32. Great product Review by Sarah

    Really good feeder - hens got to grips with it straight away. Compact and doesn't take up much space.

  33. Excellent service Review by Mrs Richardson

    Fast delivery. Great feeder. thank you

  34. The dury is still out Review by Sally

    Had this for over three weeks now and the girls are still not happy about using it. I think mainly they are bothered by the noise, it's clangs both when stepped on and off of. Seems very sturdy though so can't make too many comments - must just be my birds ð?

  35. Fantastic value Review by Derek

    Great price, great item. It's been working well and the hens got used to it very quickly. Did a lot of research, and the key is - don't prop it open, and don't give them any other food. Step on it a few times a day to show them, and they'll get there.

  36. tredle feeder Review by elizabeth eldridge

    excellent service ordered one day here the next very easy to assemble and sturdy highly recomend

  37. Treadle feeder Review by Amy

    Great service. Chickens are still not sure after 2 weeks of looking at it, but they are getting closer.....

  38. Treadle feeder Review by Amy

    Great service. Chickens are still not sure after 2 weeks of looking at it, but they are getting closer.....

  39. quality service Review by E will

    this is good quality product and excellent service, would definitely recommend

  40. not much loved Review by Anna

    Two little Pekin Bantams - much too bothered by the noise and the movement of the treadle plate to use it sadly - otherwise a good idea......we also taped the edge of the treadle to make it less sharp and a bit quieter.

  41. Great Product Review by T Moss

    Like most posts say, it takes a little while for the birds to get used to the noise but they get there in the end. Best part is no more rats, very happy.

  42. Treadle Feeder Review by M James

    Very happy with product. Excellent service, good communication and it arrived next day.

  43. Good product Review by Bridget

    Quick delivery, used utube to assemble. Chickens getting used to it, but I did gaffa tape the edges to reduce the noise.

  44. Treadle Feeder Review by Jane Grenvaldas

    Excellent service & communication. Delivery (delivered the following day) & packaging A*. Haven't used product yet but the quality is very good. YouTube video for assembly very helpful. Will definitely recommend ukpoultrysupplies.

  45. Superb Review by Elspeth Vincent

    Excellent quality, easy to put together and very robust. Our POL hens took to it straight away, albeit the clanging noise was a bit off putting for them at first

  46. Treadle Feeder Review by Robert

    Good quality product. Very good delivery service, only problem, our chickens are taking a long time or get used to it.

  47. Noisy Review by Louise Stewart

    Good quality product but my hens are just not using it or getting used to it. It's quite noisy and we have jammed the treadle plate as hens wouldn't walk on it. I think it's a great idea but wish I had more time to spend training the hens to use it.

  48. Treadle poultry feeder Review by Alan

    Good product, well made, prompt delivery. Assembly is easy but the written instructions are not that clear, the online video is much better. Best if feeder is not placed directly on grass as it may sink especially if the ground is wet â best put on a piece of wood or a few low bricks. Our chickens are taking their time getting used to it but that is our hens and nothing to do with the feeder.

  49. Excellent Review by Roly Grimshaw

    Great service and very good feeder.

  50. Treadle feeder Review by Karen Wilcox

    Very well made product and excellent value. Very prompt delivery. The only reason I didn't give it 5 * is that my birds are still frightened of the noise after 2weeks. We won't give up hope and are trying different tempting methods.

  51. Treadle Feederl Review by Geraldine Browne

    Great service, fast delivery, No instructions how to assemble included. Only problem is chickens will not use theirs. Ducks got to grips with theirs immediately..

  52. Treadle Feeder Review by Keith

    Hens worked it out quickly. If you have a rat problem this is the answer. Am getting another one as I now have some more hens.

  53. Treadle Feeder Review by Ella

    Delivery was quick, very good. I give four stars only, because I find there is too much spillage onto the ground when the chickenss are feeding. The fuller the storage compartment, the more seems to get spilled when during feeding. I think the feeding section isn't deep enough. Getting the chickens used to it was reasonably easy and took about three days. They didn't like the loud clunk to begin with when the feeder stood on a stone slab. I put the feeder on grass, as the clunk was not quite as loud, I opened it up using my foot on the treadle and I added some treats to the feeder for the hens to see. Once a chicken stood on the treadle I took my foot off. After a couple of days they were happy to use it by themselves. After about a week I put the feeder onto the stone slab again and hens are happy to use it. The other thing to remember is that there is space for only one hen to feed at a time - so all hens have to learn how to use it and how to take up the courage to muster 'the clunk'.

  54. Treadle hen feeder Review by Pam

    Excellent product. Good size for our 3 hens, who got over the clunking and with only a little prompting were using it confidently within 3 days. We are using less food - no spillage; has addressed vermin / wild bird issue. Well made, sturdy product. Can recommend.

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